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Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA)

There are a total of more than 85,000 companies, sole proprietorship or partnerships in Tainan City and 98% of them are small and medium enterprises. These enterprises are the foundation of Tainan City’s economy as well as the main support for the city’s prosperity. In order to actively assist various sized enterprises with finding smooth fundraising channels to gradually establish a unique market, Economic Development Bureau of Tainan City Government works in cooperation with GreTai Securities Market in the promotion of “GISA”. This project aims to strengthen the development of small-sized innovative industries in Tainan City.

“GISA” stands for “Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms”. It has been designed as the platform to provide small-sized non-public companies that have innovative and creative ideas with “Startup Counselling and Fundraising Mechanism”. This mechanism includes the “Stock Equity Fundraising” function, but without the trading function. GISA focuses on actively helping local small-sized non-public innovative companies to smoothly finance required funds. They also work in conjunction with Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (including guarantee funds, counselling center, etc.), accounting firms, Securities & Futures Institute and other related associations to provide comprehensive counselling in finance, accounting, internal control, marking, legality and company management, etc. The aim is to help companies establish internal control, plan and construct accounting and financial systems, and carry out effective company management.

Target audiences that are permitted to register on GISA are corporation limited companies with creative ideas and great potential, and hold a capital amount under NT$50 million. Once the application has been approved by Economic Development Bureau, Tainan City Government, the company will automatically be referred to as a GISA registered company, and will gain related support including no need to make the company public, free counselling, capital raising, expanding business size, etc.
Small-sized innovative companies may establish their internal control and accounting related systems, as well as carry out effective company management via the capital raising platform and public counselling mechanism on GISA. This will help the growth of small-sized companies, and they may consider making their companies public at a later stage, which may also lead to going listed on Taiwan stock market.

Tainan City has 6 emerging industries – green industry, quality agriculture, biotechnology, tourism and medical, cultural and creative industry, and fashion. Most of the companies in these industries are considered small-sized innovative companies. Although these companies have limited capital, small business size and lack of funds, they are full of creative ideas and great potential that urgently need the support in order to grow and develop. The establishment of GISA by Taina City Government and GreTai Securities Market can effectively support, expand and internationalize small-sized innovative companies in the city, which also helps to build the competitiveness of local industries.

Tainan City and GreTai Securities Market’s small and medium sized innovative company project has both direct and indirect cooperation with the financial industry, which boosts local economic growth and increases job opportunities. It also creates an innovative and diverse dynamic in Tainan City’s economy that allows the city to have further growth in economy and be a step closer to shine on the global stage – a win-win situation. More counselling resources and related course information will also be created by Tainan City and GreTai Securities Market in the future in order to provide further assistance for all companies.

Tainan City also provides counselling service prior to application if you have any questions regarding the application documents. You are welcome to refer to GISA or contact us on via Economic Development Bureau, Tainan City Government’s Investment Invitation Service’s Single-window Service (TEL: 06-2982810), and a specially-assigned assistant will be able to provide you with in-depth explanations. Whether it is GISA-related questions or the writing of business plans, Tainan City is there to offer you and your company high-quality services!


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