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The 3 Emerging Industries

The 6 emerging industries that Tainan City promotes include biotechnology, green energy, fashion design, tourism and medical, quality agriculture, and culture and creativity. Three emerging industries of which, including biotechnology, green energy, and fashion design, are under the business scope of Economic Development Bureau, Tainan City Government.
Green Energy
Tainan City is an important location for the manufacturing of solar batteries and LED. Tainan City Government encourages manufacturers to actively take part in research, development and strategic cooperation, hence the cooperative establishment of “Southern Taiwan Green Science & Technology Association”. By combining the recourses from private industries, government organizations, scholars and experts, and research institutions, it is hoped to boost and advance the research, development and transformation of the industry. Tainan City Government currently provides subsidy in solar system.  Through the encouragement of green product application and providing demonstration effect, Tainan City Government hopes to drive the development of green energy industry. 
There are three sub-industries in Tainan: the pharmaceutical industries, the applied biotechnology industry, and the medical device industry including more than 400 companies and presenting integrated industrial clusters. Meanwhile, the Tainan City Government assists to form the “Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance” and promotes the joint test platform. Each year, the biotechnology and green energy expo has been organized; Tainan City also participates in BioTaiwan by presenting a thematic pavilion and leads enterprises to take part in trade shows abroad. Starting from 2011 till the end of Feb, 2021, Tainan City has participated in 18 bio expos overseas with estimated 142business participants. Orders received on site totaled NTD 590 million followed with the potential orders at the amount of NTD 1.3 billion.
Fashion Design
The fashion design industry is one of the 6 major emerging industries promoted by the government. Tainan, possessing a complete industrial chain, is an important location for textiles, ready-to-wear and shoemaking.  The development of the fashion industry will be spurred with brand showcases and still exhibitions to provide designers, companies, and civilians a platform for participation, exhibition, and retail.


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