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Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City: Building an Ecosystem for the Renewable Energy Industry


The Green Energy Technology Industry Promotion Plan was approved by the Executive Yuan on October 27, 2016. Under joint planning and promotion by the Ministry of Science & Technology, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Development Council, and Tainan City Government, plus other related governmental and corporate actors, it targeted utilizing local resources and international linkages in attracting large local and foreign manufacturers and corporate groups to collaborate together in a science city that would be made into a benchmarking demonstration area for global green energy development.

    Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City will support industry development needs through its four main areas of focus on energy generation, energy conservation, energy storage, and smart system integration. Expected to serve steady and concrete attainment of the government’s renewable energy and nuclear-free homeland goals, it also embodies the ideals of harmonious coexistence with nature, the creation of a smart eco-city, and the utilization of green energy technologies, in the establishment of a low-carbon energy-saving community. The installation of smart technologies in its facilities and service systems will establish it as a world-class smart city. Its core area will be home to a Joint Research Center, in which domestic academic and research institutions, local government, state-owned enterprises, and members of industry will combine resources to develop green energy technologies. It will also have a Green Energy Technology Demonstration Site where new technologies can be tested and demonstrated. The research center and demonstration site will serve mutually complementary functions, forming a complete industrial ecosystem for green energy innovation, enabling green energy to become one of Taiwan’s main emerging industries, and spurring Taiwan’s overall economic development.

     Apart from the Car Lab driverless vehicle testing site, which opened in February this year (2019),  the first phase of the Joint Research Center project and the Green Energy Technology Demonstration Field have been all completed in 2020. A large shopping center – a Mitsui Outlet Park – is scheduled to be inaugurated at the first quater of year 2022. In addition, to enhance the amenities of the Science City, Tainan City Government is actively developing peripheral infrastructure and facilities, including turning Shalun Junior High School into a K-12 bilingual school, extending the Blue Line of the MRT to Shalun, installing wastewater and gas pipelines, and setting up a smart energy management system. It is hoped that this series of initiatives will attract more local and foreign firms to move into the Science City, and spur on the development of Taiwan’s green energy industry.




Pictured above: The beam-raising ceremony for Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City’s Joint Research Center


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