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Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City: Building an Ecosystem for the Renewable Energy Industry


In alignment with the government's industry policy vision, the Tainan City Government is dedicated to the innovation of the " 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan”, which includes intelligent machinery, Asia's Silicon Valley, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, green energy technology, national defense, and the circular economy. These efforts are aimed at strengthening the autonomy and diverse applications of key industrial technologies and nurturing new economic growth engines for the nation. In collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology (now known as the National Science and Technology Council), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Development Council, the Tainan City Government, and Corporations, a concerted effort is underway to plan and promote the "Green Energy Technology Industry Advancement Plan." This initiative has led to the establishment of the "Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City" in Guiren District of the city.
The "Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City" is focused on four main pillars: energy creation, energy saving, energy storage, and system integration. These support the industrial development needs, aiming to concretely realize the government's renewable energy targets. Additionally, it incorporates the concept of living in harmony with nature, constructing a smart ecological city that utilizes the results of green energy technologies to establish a low-carbon, energy-efficient community. With facilities and service systems equipped with smart technology, it is poised to become an international-level smart city.
The Science City, with its substantial area and advantageous transportation links, is located at the geographical heart of the Greater Southern Industrial Corridor. Supported by government policies, various domestic legal institutions have established bases here, strategizing the development of the southern green energy industry. Through cutting-edge renewable energy, compound semiconductors, cybersecurity technologies, and unmanned vehicles, it serves as the research and development core of the Southern Corridor, driving the development of the nation's green energy industry.

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