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Tainan Convention & Exhibition Center Planning Project


Due to the combination of local industrial advantages, convenient and efficient transportation as well as travelers’ needs of convention and exhibition locations, Tainan City Government is working to promote a construction plan of the Tainan Convention & Exhibition Center at a special location in THSR Tainan Station. This project focuses on making the center a marketing window for local industries as well as to speed up the development of THSR Tainan Station region.

Contents of the Project Plan

Based on the purpose of hosting conventions & exhibitions for the project, 600 standard-sized booths and couple of large meeting rooms will be set up to host international conferences. Non-pillar interior design will be adopted to make the great use of the center. The complex multi-functions of the center will be provided for the shows, sports competitions, and banquets in the future.


Location Information
The special location in THSR Tainan Station, the land for commercial park.

Location Information



Project Goals

1.  Attract global buyers to further promote local industries and increase manufacturer notability

2.  Create industries with local advantages to raise the city’s image and make it shine globally.

3.  Combine exhibition, convention and tourism resources in order to promote the capital of culture – Tainan City.


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