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TJ-Park Stationed Requirements:
(一)Japanese companies (including the ones in Taiwan) and local Japan-funded companies.
(二)Local companies that work in cooperation with Japanese industry that belong to any of the following criteria:

  1. Business and Economic Cooperation: investment, joint venture, joint stock, or company merge and acquisition.
  2. Research, Development and Design Cooperation: research and development, factory development, technology transfer, cross authorization, intellectual property exchange, product design, content creation, or portraiture right authorization.
  3. Production and Manufacturing Cooperation: commissioning design and manufacture, commissioning manufacture, or component supply.
  4. Marketing Cooperation: branding, package plant export, market expansion, channels, logistics, or sale by agent.

Location of Tainan Technology Industrial Park:

Neighboring Cities

  • Close to Tainan downtown area
  • 30km from Kaohsiung City

Rail and Road Transportation

  • Close to National Highway No.3 and Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)
  • Provincial Highway No.17 and Xibin Expressway
  • 12km from TRA Tainan Station

Airports and Ports

  • 8km from Anping Port
  • 70km from Port of Kaohsiung
  • 16km from Tainan Airport
  • 68km from Kaohsiung International Airport

Airports and Ports

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