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Sinji Industrial Park Introduction and Investment Information

1. Origination and Purpose
    After Tainan County and Tainan City were merged and upgraded to special municipality status at the end of 2010, industrial investment steadily heated up. At the same time, Tainan City Government (hereafter “the city government”) embarked on efforts to help returning overseas investors buy land for factory building, in concert with the central government’s stepped-up measures for luring overseas-investing businesses back to Taiwan, and also to encourage and assist unregistered factories to find land on which they could operate lawfully, and where they could be effectively supervised to avoid adverse environmental impacts, in support of national goals targeted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. But with land already sold out in industrial zones developed by the city government (Liouying Technology Industrial Park, Yongkang Technology Industrial Park, and Tree Valley Park), Tainan faced the difficulty of an impending shortage of land for industrial use. Therefore, to promote the efficient utilization of land resources within its jurisdictional boundaries, to heighten the economic value of land, to provide land for lawful factory building, and to speed up industrial development – all with a view to providing local people with job opportunities and spurring local prosperity – the city government relaunched the development of Sinji Industrial Park.
    After the development of Sinji Industrial Park is completed, it will be able to offer 76.75 hectares of land for factory building. It will provide a place for the centralized administration of traditional industries, to foster industries other than the basic resource type within Tainan, and to support the clustering effect formed in recent years by the Southern Taiwan Science Park together with the Tainan, Yongkang and Liouying Technology Industrial Parks.
2. Overview of Location
    Sinji Industrial Park is located at the junction of Tainan’s Annan, Anding and Sigang Districts. Bordered by Lane 124 of Gongsyue Road Section 1, its north side lies in Anding District (non-urban land) and its south side in Annan District (urban land). With a total development area of 123.26 hectares, the site is bounded on the west by a branch (irrigation canal) of the Chianan Plain’s great waterway, the Zengwen River. On the south side, it is separated from the outside by a drainage canal, while on the east and north sides it is bordered by pre-existing roads. These boundary lines form a clear demarcation between the site’s interior and exterior.
    Sinji Industrial Park is close to Taiwan Provincial Highway 17A, connecting it conveniently with Tainan City about 8 km to the south, with Tainan Technology Industrial Park about 4 km to the south-west, and with the Tainan site of the Southern Taiwan Science Park about 11 km to the north-west. Just 500 meters to the east, it links to the Xinji Interchange of the Tainan Branch Line Freeway 8, and 6 km east along Freeway 8 it connects to Freeway 1 (Sun Yat-sen Freeway) at the Tainan System Interchange. Thus, the site is well connected by road in all directions.
Sinji industrial park’s location and traffic network
 3. Development Features and Planning
    This is to be the first industrial park in Taiwan with zero wastewater emission. All of its wastewater will be recycled and reused. In principle, the industries coming into the park will be low polluting and low water consuming. These will consist of nine categories of manufacturing industry, making metal products, basic metals, automobiles & auto parts, electronic components, mechanical equipment, leather & fur & their products (none of the which foregoing may have process wastewater), foods, wearing apparel & clothing accessories, and plastic products, plus four categories of non-manufacturing industry (with no process wastewater), namely wholesale, storage, information & communication, and professional, scientific & technical services.
The total development area of Sinji Industrial Park is 123.26 hectares, consisting of 74.23 hectares in Area 1 of land for industrial use, 2.52 hectares in Area 2 of land for industrial use, and 46.51 hectares for public facilities. Site construction commenced on November 30, 2015, and at present, all contracted work has already been completed. The development has been completed in 2020.
 Sinji Industrial Park land use plan
 4. Physical Facilities
(1) Road System
    The entry way to the site is planned to have a road 40 meters wide and about 825 meters long, connecting to the east with Highway 17A (approximately 300 meters away). Lane 124 of Gongxyue Road Section 1, which will be widened to 20 meters from its current width of 10 meters, will also connect to Highway 17A (approximately 320 meters away). These will be the park’s two main access roads. The park will also have an arterial north-south road 30 meters wide and 1,102 meters long, plus a road 20 meters wide and 6,426 meters long around the industrial-use land.
 (2) Public Pipeline System
   The park’s public pipeline system will be installed in conjunction with the road construction, incorporating flood protection drainage, water supply, wastewater, water reclamation, and telecom pipelines. The responsible units will also coordinate work to install power and gas lines.
 (3) Car Parks
    The park is planned to contain two car parks plus one combined plaza and car park.
 (4) Service Center
    As regulations prescribe, there will be a service center to fulfill service and park administration functions. It will incorporate a plaza and car park, be planned together with the park, and adopt a silver-grade green building design.
Service center
 (5) Wastewater System
    The wastewater treatment plant will be designed to treat an average volume of 1,030 CMD, and up to a maximum of 1,290 CMD. Wastewater from factories in the park will be collected through the park’s sewerage system, and channeled to the wastewater plant for treatment, where it will be recycled for use in watering and street cleaning within the park.
 (6) Landscape Ecology
    It is planned to have five separate parks within the site. The idea is to orient planning for them as a conservation park (to provide a habitat for ring-necked pheasants), a sports park, and a native plant park, to provide rest spaces for the factories and their employees. It is also planned to have a 20-meter wide green belt around the site’s periphery, and to demarcate the two sides of the access roads as green space, to avoid traffic safety being affected by the placement of factory entrances and exits on these roads.
   Planning concept for parks
5. Disposition of Land for Industrial Use
    In accordance with central government policy and review requirements, there are restrictions attached to the mode of disposition of land to be used for all kinds of factory installation. For Area 1 of the industrial-use land, 80% of the land (59.38 ha) will be sold on a conditional basis. To avoid investors purchasing the land for speculation and not building factories on it, it is stipulated that an enterprise must complete factory building (applying for a usage license and with a building coverage ratio of at least 30%) within two years of gaining possession of the land, and within three years of gaining possession must complete factory registration (requiring that they register the factory and that the area of the factory building or buildings is no less than 20% of the total land area of the purchase application) and complete enterprise or business registration (not needing to conduct factory registration). Land ownership will only be transferred if and when these conditions are met. Of the remaining 20% of the industrial-use land, 10% (7.42 ha) will be provided for factory building by leasing instead of sale, and 10% (7.42 ha) will be provided by the creation of surface rights.            
     For the development of this industrial park, public works and factory building will proceed simultaneously. Area 1 of the land for industrial use is approximately 74.23 ha, and Area 2 is approximately 2.52 ha. The land has been divided into six sections for sale in progression as it fills up. Information on the current status of the block reserved for rental and setting surface right, and the related documents for rent can be self-obtained and downloaded from the Tainan City Government Economic Development Bureau website by clicking on Document download/ Industrial Park Section. We welcome those interested in building factories to come to Sinji Industrial Park Service Center to submit Rental Applications within the publicly announced time limit for lease (address: No. 99, Anxin 2nd Rd., Annan District, Tainan City709, Taiwan(R.O.C.); tel.: 06-2555551).


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