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Unset Assistance for Overcoming Investment Obstacles

In order for local and international entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in Tainan to smoothly gain land, water resources and overcome various decree-related issues, Tainan City Government has established a complete single-window comprehensive service. An assistant is specially-assigned for each investment project to help invested companies overcome any obstacles at any stage of the project.
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Unset Assistance for Overcoming Investment Obstacles

Unset Assistance for Overcoming Investment Obstacles Flow Chart Explanations:
Major investment obstacles and complications (land, land tax, water and power, transportation, development permit or alteration, environmental assessment, funds, labor, etc.) can be divided into 2 categories:
一、Rights and liabilities of Tainan City Government:


  1. Request for a cross-bureau and department coordinative meeting held by a senior officer.
  2. Establish a platform to help examine and follow up the progress of applications.

二、Rights and liabilities of Central Government:

Notify the Economic Development Bureau, Tainan City Government and request for a cross-department coordinative meeting to overcome investment obstacles.

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