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Small and Medium Enterprises Service Group of Tainan City Government


In order to provide full and prompt services for enterprises under the jurisdiction of Tainan City, the government integrates specialists and scholars from colleges, universities, associations, and technology centers within its regions to form the “Small and Medium Enterprises Service Group of Tainan City.”  It combines resources and technologies not only to assist and care for local businesses, but also to encourage traditional businesses to upgrade and develop new emerging industries. It aims to establish an investment-friendly environment and industrial economy stronghold in Tainan.


There are over one hundred specialists and scholars from local colleges and universities in the “Small and Medium Enterprises Service Group of Tainan City.” It is set into 7 sub-groups namely “5G to lead”, “fashion on its own”, “smart green energy”, “high quality foods and drugs”, “smart driving to roam”, “digital transformation”, and “startup company.” It provides consultation services including business visiting to give guidance and assisting in writing proposal, etc.


The information about “Small and Medium Enterprises Service Group of Tainan City” is as followings:

1.     Contact number: 06-3847188

2.     Website: http://airp.org.tw/188/cht/index.php



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