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Tourism Factory Guidance Project



 The thriving trend of factory tours has made Tainan’s tourism factories a highly searched topic with about 2,370,000 visitors up to the end of Mar, 2021. It is estimated to attract 1.2~1.3 million tourists traveling to Tainan City each year, and to create business opportunities with a sales venue of 500million to 700 million.

A.   Based on the one-stop concept of “local guidance, central evaluation”, Economic Development Bureau, Tainan City Government has started the promotion of making industries tourism-friendly since 2012. The aim is to assist in the transformation of turning traditional factories that have cultural or educational values into “tourism factories”.

B.   There are now 24 tourism factories approved by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. in Tainan City (figure accumulated till the end of Mar, 2021).

C.   People who own established factories in Tainan City with a valid factory registration certificate, and are interested in participating in this project, are welcome to contact us or gather more information via the following details:

·        Economic Development Bureau, Tainan City Government: 06-6377225

·        Tourism Factory of Tainan City websitehttp://www.tourismfactory.tw/en/


Tourism Factory of Tainan City Distribution Map



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